Betfred Casino Review

betfredcasinologoBetfred is one of the best names in the business, there’s no question about it. There are physical stores dotted all around Britain and its casino presence online is in the ‘heavyweight’ category. It acts as a sponsor for Wembley and Tottenham Hotspur, so that gives you an idea of just how big it is.

However, we all know that a casino doesn’t stand or fall based on how big or popular it is. It has to perform where it counts – on the (virtual) casino floor. That’s why we’ve approached Betfred from scratch and set up an account. Check out our findings below.

New Player Bonus

Betfred is known for its generous bonuses for new players and it certainly didn’t disappoint us. There are loads of different ones on the go and we had trouble figuring them all out – there were so many!

The first one we saw (and loved) was the casinos £200 Welcome Offer. All you need to do is deposit and transfer from cash to chips and Betfred will give you an equal amount completely free. You can use this one on any casino games you want.

  • 1st deposit – 100% from £5 up to £100
  • 2nd deposit – 50% from £5 up to £50
  • 3rd deposit – 50% from £5 up to £50

Existing Player Promotions

Betfred gives some of the most generous offers online for existing players – we can say that with absolute certainty and honesty. Trust us, we’ve tried hundreds of casinos.

All you need to do is keep an eye out and you’ll make money at Betfred. We usually get a text message every week giving us a risk-free offer of £5 on a given slot. This means that if you lose £5, you get it back the next day. If you win, then it’s quid’s in.

The website itself often promotes these offers as well. You can find them simply by going through the Games, Casino and Slots section. They often run free £5 bets and many other promotions as well.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the mobile site. This one gives you exclusive offers you won’t find on the desktop version. We last had a risk-free wager on one of our favourite slots and walked away with a tidy £60. Not bad at all.

Slots and Games

Being one of the largest casinos online (and offline), Betfred certainly has a name to match up to. They certainly do it successfully in the Slots, Casino and Games section. These all have a variety of games for your enjoyment.

At the minute, we’re enjoying the following:

  • Golden Goddess: This game has something of a hypnotic quality to it. It really does well in keeping you hooked!
  • Monopoly: The old classic, you will never get sick of this one.
  • Worms: Based on that old computer game, this slot is masses of fun.
  • Vegas, Baby! This slot is new to the scene and has made quite a splash. Definitely worth trying out. We had a lot of ‘new slot’ luck with this one.
  • Fairest of Them All: Based on Snow White, this enchanted game has 7 bonus rounds!

Of course, there’s plenty more where that came from. There are LOADs of games at Betfred – too many to list here. Check out the site to see the full selection.

Live Casino

Roulette-live-casinoThe Live Casino has been given plenty of attention and isn’t just a subsection of the general casino area. You’ve got an extensive offering with instant games, as well as software downloads.

The area has new player bonuses that run completely independently of anything else on the website, so it’s worth checking out if you like the live environment over instant play video games.

Sports Betting

The sports section is one of the biggest draws at Betfred. It’s got everything you need under one hood. We suspect that once you sign up to Betfred, you won’t go anywhere else for your sports.

It’s got good odds and excellent cash back offers, as well as constant promotions to help improve your chances of winning. In addition, you can bet on pretty much anything you can think of.

Customer Service

Customer service at Betfred is exemplary. They’ve been in the business for years, so it’s not exactly surprising. Through the site you’ve got a little ‘Live Help’ button, which opens up the chat. For most issues, that’s more than enough.

You can also contact the team by ringing them up using a free number from the UK. If you’re abroad, use Skype to call the international number. You can of course also email and send post, if you really want to!

In terms of ability and response, it was a fantastic experience. We never had any issues waiting for someone to speak to us, nor did we ever have reason to complain. All in all, you can trust the customer service team at Betfred.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Again, we had no problems at all here. The deposit section is easy to deal with and you’ve got loads of payment options. All of the standard methods are well covered and you’ve also got access to some of the more obscure ones.

When it came to withdrawals, everything was quick and easy. We actually found Betfred a little faster than other big players such as William Hill, so we were pleasantly surprised. We had no issues with taking out big wins either.

Our Final Verdict

Trusted name? Check. Bonuses that make your salivate? Yes, there are plenty. Customer Service? It’s quick and effective. The bottom line is that Betfred is one of those UK casinos that everyone that’s into gaming should join. It’s one of the pillars of online gambling, without question.