Best Casino £/$/€ 200 Bonuses Review

Due to the high volume of casinos online, it makes sense for us to break down via mini bonus reviews like this, what you can expect to get from each of them. That way, players can make an informed decision on which brand is the right one for them, and which is the best casino for £/$/€ 200 bonuses. We grant you that it isn’t always an exact science, but it’ll definitely help you identify the level of bonus available, as well as the countries and currencies accepted by the software. Throughout our review, we aim to look at the Spinit, Slots Mobile, Play Club, Mr Slot, and Mako Casino brands.


When it comes to bonuses, Spinit is going to be a label that’s hard to beat, both it terms of the welcome package, and their other promotions in general. This is because there’s four parts to the initial deposit bonus, with between maxes of £200 – £300 each time you deposit cash. That means you could end up playing with as much as £1,000 in free money, made up over several deposit bonuses worth 100% on their first, 50% on their second input, and 25% both times on the third and fourth. As always though, remember that you have a limited time to engage with this offer (10 days), and you’ll need to play with a min of £10 to get started.

As for other bonuses, they provide even more deposit rewards and spins for those that are activate at multiple times during the week. There’s the Friday bonus of 50% and free spins, as well as the Monday booster of 25% deposit bonus; they’re not big offers, but they keep that sense of reward for loyalty at the fore of your minds.

Slots Mobile

We have yet another beefy deposit bonus available, one that can potentially reach the heights of £1,000, should you register with enough cash. The bonus works on a three way deposit system, with the initial wager gifting users with a 100% deposit match, followed by ones of 25% and 50%. This means that the 1,000 mark is nothing more than a rough guide of what you can hope to receive. For those of you that have already browsed our review, you’ll notice that Mako Casino delivers a similar system. Furthermore, you’ll also notice that the remaining offers mimic those, exactly, of the ones listed on Mr Slot. We can only assume, from the information given, that they’re all connected to the same operator, or at least have developers from one working on another.

In case you are curious, the other bonuses are the likes of double free spins, Monday Madness, Every Tuesday, and many other weekly events. All of these require further deposits if you’re to take advantage of them, just so novice users are made aware of this fact.

Play Club

Another brand that gives you a lot for your registration is that of Play Club, a brand that’s been about since 2016. Their welcome offer is a 100% deposit bonus match up that can equate to as much as £200, though you’ll need to be inputting the right amount of funds for that to happen. And so those who deposit 60 will get that in addition, leaving them with £120 to play with. Instead of being a very bland cut and dry system, the offer spreads itself out over three days, allowing for a greater amount of time to access the fun and get playing.

For your first deposit of £10 or more, you’ll get 100% and a set of 20 spins, with a further 40 of them offered when going into your second day of being a paying member. Thereafter, another 40 spins are up for grabs, as well as a special bonus offer which is left vague in order to entice us all in. In regards to other rewards, there appears to be money of them, most of which are based on further deposit bonuses and spins.

Mr Slot

As well as our above brands, we also have a 200 plus bonus offering from Mr Slot, a 2016 label that has a fine selection of rewards at their disposal. As is common with most online casinos, you’ll need to register and deposit your cash before you have any hope of accessing the funds. And then you’ll need to allocate a minimum of £10 for that to happen. This is a simple promotion that is based on the idea of what you put in is what you get out, and so to get that 200 bonus, you’ll need to first deposit that same amount.

This isn’t the best £/$/€ 200 bonus out there, but it’s one of many that shows you that you have options open to you, ones that can prove financially beneficial. As well as this reward, users have offers that occur on a weekly basis, ones that range from the start of the week through to the end.

Mako Casino

This blue and low key looking brand has a whopping 1,000 credits bonus potentially available, arguably the bigger of those listed here, with only Spinit on par with them. This means you can get back as much as £200 for your first deposit, £300 for your second, and £500 for your third. As expected, this is a bonus that is expected to come about after an allocation of money, and so play for fun gamers will not be able to take advantage of the offer.

The system in place is split into three sections, with the first deposit bonus being a large 100%, with the second then moving down to a low 25%, and then back up to 50% upon your third deposit. Even though no deposit limit is provided, it goes without saying that a min requirement will be expected, and that higher deposits are necessary if you’re to get the most out of this casino promotion. This is the only promotional material available, and so rewards seem to be low in depth when you decide to game with this brand.